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Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (EEMJ) is a monthly publication which seeks to cover a wide range of topics concerning environmental engineering and management in the broad sense, while particularly emphasizing interdisciplinary studies. EEMJ publishes original research, short communications, reviews, web alerts, book reviews, meeting reports, and wishes to provide a forum for the open debate of timely and.or controversial issues. Original publications are complemented by information on the findings and advances regarding methods and techniques, equipment, apparatus for environmental studies and research, that will increase and broaden the interest in the journal for national and international suppliers and users.
EEMJ is strongly supported by a dedicated international editorial board consisting of renowned personalities with a significant impact in their respective research fields. We therefore aim to ensure the highest quality standards of the journal and provide prompt, detailed, rigorous assessments that allow rapid editorial decisions and result in significantly improved manuscripts. Also we wish for the editorial board members' further support, by providing the editors with advice and suggestions and by submitting some of the best work of their own laboratory/activity.
The journal wishes to offer the possibility of permanent contact with prestigious universities, research centers, economic and industrial companies from around the world, which should facilitate the initiation of research and development projects, technology and know-how transfer in the field of environmental engineering and management.
We welcome collaborations with potentially-interested authors, reviewers, readers and subscribers and hope that EEMJ will sucessfully contribute to the advancement of scientific / technical research in the field of environmental engineering and management, as well as to encouraging and supporting communication and collaboration among institutions and people.

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Vol 17, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents


Doina Sibiescu, Carmen Mita, Mihaela Vizitiu
Nicolae Apostolescu, Corina Cernatescu, Ramona-Elena Tataru Farmu, Claudia Cobzaru, Gabriela Antoaneta Apostolescu
Andrei Ionut Simion, Cristina-Gabriela Grigora., Alexandru Chiriac, Catalin Nicolae T mpu, Lucian Gavrila
Marius Sebastian Secula, Etelka David, Beno t Cagnon, Andreea Vajda, Corneliu Stan, Ioan Mamaliga
Valeriu V. Cotea, Camelia Luchian, Marius Niculaua, Catalin Ioan Zamfir, Ioan Moraru, Bogdan Constantin Nechita, Cintia Colibaba
Eva Boglarka Vincze, Rozalia Veronika Salamon, Erika Kovacs, Gyongyver Mara
Maria Harja, Gabriela Ciobanu, Lacramioara Rusu, Liliana Lazar
Catalin Lisa, Corneliu Hamciuc, Elena Hamciuc, Gabriela Lisa
Marcela Popa, Eugenia Teodora Iacob Tudose, Ioan Mamaliga
Alexandra Cristina Blaga, Dan Cascaval, Lenuta Kloetzer, Alexandra Tucaliuc, Anca Irina Galaction
Ioana C. Carlan, Berta N. Estevinho, Fernando Rocha
Lucian Rosu, Marinela Istrate, Alexandru Banica
Corneliu Tanase, Sanda Cosarca, Felicia Toma, Anca Mare, Adrian Man, Amalia Miklos, Silvia Imre, Irina Boz
Karel Suchy, Petr Konvalina, Ivana Capouchova, Dagmar Janovska, Leona Leisova-Svobodova, Zdenek Sterba, Jan Moudry jr., Daniel Bucur, Jaroslav Bernas, Marek Kopecky, Dang Khoa Tran
Arevik Vardanyan, Narine Vardanyan, Anna Khachatryan, Zaruhi Melkonyan
Jan Moudry, Jaroslav Bernas, Marek Kopecky, Petr Konvalina, Daniel Bucur, Jan Moudry, Ladislav Kolar, Zdenek Sterba, Zuzana Jelinkova
Gabriela Ungureanu, Catalin D. Balan, Irina Volf
Catalina Nutescu Duduman, Jose Maria G mez de Salazar y Caso de Los Cobos, Maria Harja, Maria I. Barrena P rez, Consuelo G mez de Castro, Doina Lutic, Olga Kotova, Igor Cretescu
Daniela Geanina Luca Cososchi, Alina Luca, Luminita Mihaela Lupu, Ionut Viorel Herghiligiu
Irina Carlescu, Aurel Simion, Adrian Bele, Petru Marian Carlescu, Cristina Maria Herghiligiu, Dan Scutaru
Dong Yang, Wenzhi Liu, Hui Liu, Wei Li
Takacova Zita, Vindt Tomas, Havl k Tomas, Kvokacka Jozef
Hai-Liang Song, Shi-Bei Huang, Xiao-Li Yang
Ricardo F.M. Teixeira
Zhi Chen, Rong-Rong Zhang, Zong-Ping Wang