Adsorption of humic acids and of some metal ions from aqueous solutions on activated carbons

Tudor Lupascu, Mihail Ciobanu

Institute of Chemistry of Republic of Moldova, Academy of Sciences, 3 Academiei Str., Chisinau MD 2028, Republic of Moldova


This paper is the investigation concerning the removal, from surface water, of humic acids and of some cations (Cu2+, Al3+) on activated carbons AG-3, BAU, CASO-16 from individual solutions as well as from their mixtures both in static and dynamic conditions. The conclusions of the paper are that, when humic acids are adsorbed from micellar solutions, semiassociates are formed on the surface of activated carbon BAU (in its porous structure), while humic acids adsorption on activated carbon CASO-16 depends on pH variation, this being indicated during the increase of their equilibrium concentrations. In case of adsorption of mixtures formed from Cu2+, Al3+ ions and humic acids on activated carbon BAU in dynamic conditions and at various filtration velocities, it is the Cu2+ ions that are the first ones to appear, followed by Al3+ ones and, finally, by humic acids.


adsorption; activated carbon; humic acids; metal ions

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