Strategic management of sustainable development in the countryside of sibiu depression - basic of environmental protection

Romulus Iagaru1, Nicolae Florescu2, Pompilica Iagaru1

1 Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection, 10 Victoriei Bd., Sibiu, Romania
2 Alma Mater University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economics, 57 Somesului Str.,Sibiu, Romania


Sustainable development of rural areas involving rural communities is a complex and timeless research theme, as it is based on two fundamental parties, which are in close interdependence: the headspring of sustainable resources generating development, and the rural residents representing both the consumer and the active factors of the development. In this context, this paper proposes an approach addressing the strategic options for the development and diversification of the rural economy, based on the principles of environmental protection. In this context, we identified those elements which support the integration of the specific activities in rural areas (agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, forestry, manufacturing etc.), in order to ensure the diversification of the rural economy, while maintaining a balance between the need to preserve and promote rural tradition and the impending modernization of rural life. The paper highlights a role model to be followed by local factors for setting goals, strategies and measures for sustainable development and diversification of the rural economy. The purpose of this model is the flattening of economic and social disparities manifested in the rural area studied. The results obtained by applying this model to the rural location of the Sibiu Depression shows that territorial specificity based on policies for sustainable development of the rural economy; knowledge promotion on development opportunities, funding and access to them; encouraging entrepreneurship and efficient use of endogenous resources by adopting strategies attractiveness lead to sustainable development and diversification of the rural economy, namely to the diminishing of existing disparities.


development; diversification; economy; rural; strategy; sustainable; tradition

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