Biomethanation of pineapple wastes using potent anaerobic consortia substituting cow manure

Mukesh Kumar, Samuel Jacob B, Lakshmishri Upadrasta, Rintu Banerjee

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, India


The present study deals with the production of biogas from post-harvest wastes of pineapple such as peels, leaves, mixture of peels and leaves with the two different types of inoculum viz., Cow Manure (CM) and Novel microbial Consortia (NC). The results between the two types of inoculum were compared to find out their efficiency. Among the different substrate-inoculum combinations, the biogas production potential was evaluated which resulted that NC was more efficient compared to CM. All assays were conducted till cessation of biogas production which completed on 80th day. Pineapple leaves with NC proven to be best substrate-inoculum combination with maximum biogas yield of 208.28 L/kg Total Solid (TS) comprising of 72.45% methane, whereas same substrate with CM yielded 35.96 L/kg TS with 34.7% methane. Co-digestion mixture of peels and leaves yielded 187.19 l /kg TS with 56.61% methane with NC which was 2.2 fold higher when compared with CM having a yield of


biogas; cow manure; methane; novel microbial consortia; pineapple wastes

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