Indicators system for assessing the organizational knowledge acquisition process

Daniela Geanina Luca Cososchi, Alina Luca, Luminita Mihaela Lupu, Ionut Viorel Herghiligiu

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Department of Engineering and Management, 29 Prof. Dr. Docent Dimitrie Mangeron Street, 700050 Iasi, Romania


In recent years the organizations has gone from resource-based economy to a knowledge based economy. Likewise the organizations success in this turbulent environment depends on its sustainable orientation which implies integration of various management practices. Such a management practices considered to be a driving force to sustainable development are environmental management system (EMS) and knowledge acquisition. In this context, it s required to measure the organizational knowledge management performance and to identify viable knowledge acquisition metrics. This paper aim to develop a managerial instrument in order to measure each steps of knowledge acquisition process. Therefore the main objective is to elaborate an indicators system with the purpose to assess the environmental knowledge acquisition process. The main results of this approach are: (1) development of a methodology in order to elaborate an indicators system associated to knowledge acquisition process; (2) development of an indicators system in order to assess the steps which characterizes the environmental knowledge acquisition process. The results are based on a research that addresses knowledge acquisition process within organization from NE area of Romania; the research sample was 182 respondents. This research approach is innovative and original because in the literature are not being identified indicators which organizational assess each of the environmental knowledge acquisition stages.


environmental knowledge acquisition process; indicators system/ metrics; knowledge management

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