Analysis of the material composition of mixed municipal solid waste in the kosice region of the slovak republic

Takacova Zita1, Vindt Tomas1, Havl k Tomas1, Kvokacka Jozef2

1 Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Metallurgy, Department of Non-ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment, Letna 9, 042 00 Kosice, Slovakia
2 Cityhall of Kosice, Department of Environment and Special Construction Authority, Tr. SNP 48 / A, 04011 Kosice, Slovakia


This work focuses on the analysis of material composition of mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) in the city of Ko ice, the second largest city in Slovakia, and in the village of Poproc, which is representative of the region. The paper describes the characteristics of the monitored localities, the methodology and the original evaluation procedure. The analysis of the mixed MSW composition in Poproc was performed in 2009-2010, and in Ko ice in 2011. In both cases, the analysis was carried out in each season in four campaigns according to a regular interval of waste collection. 36 samples were analyzed in Ko ice with an average weight of 236.1 kg, and 4 samples were analyzed in Poproc with an average weight of 208.2 kg. The mixed MSW was sorted into categories and subcategories. The biodegradable waste had the highest content at both sites. The content of the biodegradable MSW in Poproc was about 25% lower than in Ko ice because of the built-up area type. The content of packaging was 24% in Ko ice and 29% in Poproc.


analysis; material composition; mixed municipal solid waste (mixed MSW); sieving; sorting

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