Assessment of environmental costs eco-efficiency: the case of a filling-station

Neringa Stonciuviene, Astrida Miceikiene, Gintare Klimiene, Dalia Juociuniene

Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Bioeconomy Development, K. Donelaicio str. 58, LT-44248, Kaunas, Lithuania


Assessment of eco-efficiency for environmental costs is specific in that majority of the costs provide social rather financial benefit, and only some of the costs could be viewed from both social and financial perspectives. The model for assessment of environmental costs of a filling-station and the methodology for its application developed, with the methodology verified by analysis of analytical data of an actual enterprise is presented in this research. Application of the model to filling-station N proved that filling-station operations are associated with high environmental risk and should therefore be subject to respective management with particular focus on preventive measures. This has revealed the specific aspect of assessment of eco-efficiency of environmental costs of filling-stations: assessing financial efficiency of these costs is simply impossible in many cases


eco-efficiency; environmental costs; filling-station; social benefit

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