Road maintenance using image acquisition prototype for non-specialized vehicle

Bogdan Cramariuc1, Lucia Rusu2, Dan-Andrei Sitar-Taut2, Daniel Mican2

1 IT Centre for Science and Technology 25 no., Av. Radu Beller str., sector 1, Bucharest
2 Babes Bolyai University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Business Information Systems Department, 1 no, M. Kogalniceanu Street, 400591, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The presented prototype for image acquisitions and processing (IPA) aims to create a maintenance road system with minimal cost, mounted on non-specialized vehicle, enabling image acquisition in various conditions. IPA has an important role in the proposed platform designed by PAV3M for intelligent management, monitoring and maintenance of pavements and roads. We have developed new image processing solutions, analysis methods and enhanced (more robust, efficient, dedicated) solutions for solving the specific problems related to pavement analysis using PCI standards for road crack detection and classification.


image analysis; image processing; road distress; road network surveillance

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