Integrating ultrasound with activated carbon prepared from mangosteen fruit peel for reactive black 5 removal

Randeep Singh1, Puthiya Veetil Nidheesh2, Thirugnanasambandam Sivasankar1

1 Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli - 620015. Tamil Nadu, India
2 National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nehru Marg, Nagpur - 440020, India


In this study, the effectiveness of integrating ultrasound with mangosteen fruit peel activated carbon (MFPAC) for the removal of reactive black 5 (RB5) dye was investigated. MFPAC prepared by the potassium carbonate activation method was characterized using BET, SEM and FTIR. The effects of ultrasound power, contact time, pH and adsorbent quantity on the removal of RB5 were examined. Obtained results indicate that the MFPAC has a higher removal efficiency with ultrasound integration and can remove 95% of the dye at neutral pH. It followed pseudo second order kinetics. Integrating ultrasound with sorption was proved to be an efficient method to remove RB5 dye.


adsorption; Langmuir isotherm; mangosteen fruit peel activated carbon; reactive black 5 dye; ultrasound

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