Efficiency indicator for assessment of water distribution networks carrying capacity

Heber Pimentel Gomes1, Pedro Augusto Silva Sabino de Farias1, Saulo de Tarso Marques Bezerra2, Sabrina da Silva Correa2

1 Laboratory of Power and Hydraulics Efficiency in Water Supply Systems, Universidade Federal da Paraiba, CEP 58000-000, Jo o Pessoa, PB, Brazil
2 Department of Technology, Campus Agreste, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, CEP 55014-900, Caruaru, PE, Brazil


A water distribution network s (WDN s) flow capacity decreases over time mainly because of the unplanned demand growth at its consumption points, increased water loss, and increased internal roughness caused by aging of pipes. In this context, this work presents a new performance indicator, the Carrying Capacity Indicator (ICC). It will enable utility managers to evaluate WDNs hydraulic and energy efficiency. The ICC was applied in a real case study: a sector of the Jo o Pessoa WDN, in Brazil. Considering only design criteria (in relation to nodal demands and pipe roughness), the ICC decreased from 203.5% in the first year of the network s operation to 70.6% in its 30th year of operation. Simulation results are provided to demonstrate that the proposed indicator can be successfully applied to a wider class of WDNs.


hydraulic efficiency; performance indicators; water supply networks

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