Use of tannery sludge in clay brick manufacturing

Olga Kizinievic, Viktor Kizinievic, Jurgita Malaiskiene

Laboratory of Composite Materials, Institute of Building Materials, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Linkmenu g. 28, LT-08217 Vilnius, Lithuania


The paper analyses the possibilities of recycling tannery sludge (TS) in clay brick manufacture. The physico-mechanical properties and microstructure of clay brick and cement mortars vary depending on TS content in the mix. 2.5 % 15.0 . TS (by weight) was added to clay bricks fired at 1000 .C temperature and maintained at maximum heat for 1 hour. The tests revealed that 2.5 . TS addition had a positive effect on physical and mechanical properties of clay brick: reduce drying and firing shrinkage, reduce water absorption, and increase compressive strength. Chromium leaching values in clay brick (2.5 % TS) were found not to exceed the limit values set forth in 2003/33/EC.


chromium (III); clay brick; recycling; tannery sludge; waste

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