Evaluation of networks between production units in the post-consumer pet packaging recycling chain

Roberta Dalvo Pereira da Conceicao1,2, Elen Beatriz Acordi Vasques Pacheco3,4

1 Federal Center for Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET/RJ - Uned Petropolis), Brazil
2 Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, MPGE
3 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Institute of Macromolecules Professor Eloisa Mano, Polymer Science and Technology Program, 2.030 Hor cio Macedo Avenue, Technology Center, J Building, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 21941-598, Brazil
4 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Polytechnic School, Environmental Engineering Program, 149 Athos da Silveira Ramos Avenue, Building A, University City, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 21941-909, Brazil


This study aimed to evaluate recycling networks for poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) packaging and propose a network structure for sharing recycling routes between different production units, using the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region as a case study. A descriptive design was used and field research conducted to gather data on the recycling process. Participants were production units, classified as distributors, distribution recyclers, intermediate recyclers, and molding recyclers. A georeferencing program established the location of these units, origin of the PET waste, its distribution, and the structure of integration networks between recycling units considering the supplier-customer relationship, in order to assess the reverse logistics of post-consumer PET. The data obtained were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to elucidate the current recycling scenario and propose a new network structure. The proposed framework would reduce the distances traveled by almost 50%, while maintaining the same business relationships between the production units identified. The most prominent features of the current recycling structure are that PET distributors are located near their suppliers, whereas intermediate-recyclers are close to molding-recyclers, their customers.


network; poly(ethylene terephthalate); post-consumer PET; recycling; recycling chain

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