Assessing the use of electric scooters and its association with personality traits to adopt pro-environmental behaviors

Ana-Maria Ionescu1, Ana-Maria Cazan2, Camelia Tru.a2

1 Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Transilvania University of Brasov, 29 Eroilor Blvd., Brasov, Romania
2 Department of the Psychology and Training in Education of the Transilvania University of Brasov, 29 Eroilor Blvd., Brasov, Romania


The paper analyses the Romanian consumer s behavior concerning the use of electric scooters for transport. The aim of the study is to investigate Romanian youths intentions regarding the use of electric scooters in the development of a sustainable behavior. The present article is based on a quantitative research, coordinated by the authors, conducted among young participants from Romania. A questionnaire was created using a set of items measured on a five-point Likert scale, on the International Personality Item Pool scales, on the New Ecological Paradigm, and on the Environmental Attitude Scale. The results prove that the respondents consider that there should be created a clear legislation, special tracks between the roadside and the sidewalk of the streets, and specific road signs. There are moderately significant correlations between personality traits and the attitudes towards using and buying electric scooters. The participants with favourable attitudes towards the environment also have positive attitudes towards the use of electric scooters. The study s findings have implications for the Public Authorities, Romanian Government, Transportation Ministry, urban planning departments, and population.


attitudes; electric scooters; environment; personality; sustainable behavior

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