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Vol 11, No 2 (2012) Water pollution reduction by using new premetalated dyes in dyeing wool Abstract
Laura Chirila, Romen Butnaru, Ion Sandu, Viorica Vasilache, Maria Marcela T rlea
Vol 16, No 3 (2017) Water pollution status of siret river in pascani town area due to different domestic and wastewater treatment activities (winter season) Abstract
Carmen Zaharia, Claudia Jufa
Vol 4, No 1 (2005) Water quality assessment by pollutant loads and concentrations Abstract
Marcel Perjoiu, Mihai Nicu
Vol 16, No 3 (2017) Water quality assessment in three mountainous watersheds from eastern romania (suceava, ozana and tazlau rivers) Abstract
Andrei Enea, Oana-Elena Hapciuc, Marina Iosub, Ionut Minea, Gheorghe Romanescu
Vol 10, No 3 (2011) Water quality characterization of the prut river Abstract
Roxana-Simona Lozba-Stirbuleac, Catrinel-Raluca Giurma-Handley, Ion Giurma
Vol 12, No 12 (2013) Water quality in the gheshlagh reservoir (iran) and downstream the dam Abstract
Fariba Rezaei, Amin Sadeghi, Hamed Ghader Zadeh, Patrick Van Damme
Vol 14, No 10 (2015) Water recovery from atmospheric air using wick desiccant solar still Abstract
Abd elnaby Kabeel
Vol 14, No 4 (2015) Water runoff, sediment transport and related impacts in the southeastern black sea rivers Abstract
Mehmet Berkun, Egemen Aras, Ummugulsum Ozel Akdemir
Vol 9, No 11 (2010) Water treatment in tri-dimensional magnetic field Abstract
Zolt n Istv n Marosy, Lajos Kacs
Vol 17, No 5 (2018) Water treatment sludge as potential soil amendment for native plants of the brazilian cerrado Abstract
Paulo Scalize, Abner Neto, Antonio Albuquerque
Vol 9, No 11 (2010) Water, vehicle for preventive oral health products Abstract
Mihaela Raescu, Carmen Defta, Gabriela Bancescu, Mihaela Tuculina, Marian Vladimir Constantinescu
Vol 12, No 5 (2013) Web-based flood information system: case study of somesul mare, romania Abstract
Adrian Almoradie, Andreja Jonoski, Florin Stoica, Dimitri Solomatine, Ioana Popescu
Vol 1, No 2 (2002) Well defined silica-alumina support for Abstract
Vol 12, No 10 (2013) Wetland ecosystem services based on emergy analysis of lake nansi in shandong, china Abstract
Liang Chunling
Vol 15, No 10 (2016) What china can learn from the practice of pollution prevention and water environmental management in new zealand dairy industry? Abstract
Jinping Tian, Lujun Chen, Jiafa Luo
Vol 12, No 7 (2013) Whole cell bioreporter for the estimation of oil contamination Abstract
Chuan Li, Dayi Zhang, Yizhi Song, Bo Jiang, Guanghe Li, Wei E. Huang
Vol 11, No 11 (2012) Why is education in environmental safety so important? ada traumann, virve siirak., piia tint Abstract
Tallinn University of Technology, , 19086 Tallinn,
Vol 11, No 12 (2012) Why it is so difficult to assess landslides hazard and risk in romania? Abstract
Raluca-Mihaela Maftei, Constantina Filipciuc, George Vina
Vol 14, No 7 (2015) Why manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment (eee) create producer responsibility organizations (pros) to comply with the weee directive? the case of erp italia srl with focus on costs Abstract
Marinella Favot
Vol 11, No 6 (2012) Wildlife roadkills and underpass use in northern spain jordi puig1*, luis sanz1, miriam serrano1, jes s elosegui2 Abstract
1University of Navarra, Department of Zoology and Ecology, , 31080 Pamplona, Spain 2Territorio y Recursos Ambientales, S.L [limited corporation], Plaza del Castillo, 4 A, 31001 Pamplona,
Vol 8, No 2 (2009) Wind power systems with hydrostatic transmission for clean energy Abstract
Irina Tita, Doru Calarasu
Vol 12, No 6 (2013) Wireless monitoring system for patients having cardiac pacemakers with atrial fibrillation detectors Abstract
Cristian Rotariu, Hariton Costin
Vol 10, No 11 (2011) Wireless sensor network for wildlife monitoring Abstract
Alina-Mihaela Badescu, Octavian Fratu, Alexandru Frujina, Simona Halunga, Ioana Marcu
Vol 10, No 8 (2011) Wireless system for monitoring the solar radiation Abstract
Daniel T. Cotfas, Petru A. Cotfas, Paul Borza, Doru Ursutiu, Cornel Samoila
Vol 15, No 3 (2016) Wood waste as a renewable source of energy Abstract
Daniela Suteu, Carmen Zaharia, Catalin Popovici, Teodor Malutan, Lacramioara Rusu, Lucian Tabacaru
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