Characterisation of ets-10 and et(fe)s-10 molecular sieves exchanged with different cations

Lucia Catanzaro1, Pierantonio De Luca1, Danilo Vuono1, J nos B. Nagy2, Alfonso Nastro1

1 Department of Pianificazione Territoriale, University of Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende, 87030 Rende (Cs), Italy
2 Laboratoire de RMN, Facult s Universitaires N.D. de la Paix, Rue de Bruxelles 61, B-5000 Namur, Belgium


The aim of this paper is the characterisation of ETS-10 and ET(Fe)S-10 molecular sieves exchanged with different cations by powder X-ray diffraction patterns, atomic absorption and thermal analysis to define their difference on exchange capacity, amount of absorbable water as a function of exchanged cation and 29Si-NMR for identification of various phases.


ETS-10; ET(Fe)S-10; molecular sieve; titanosilicate; ionic exchange

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