Particulate matter seasonal variation in an urban area

Monica Filice, Pierantonio De Luca, Alfonso Nastro

Department of Pianificazione Territoriale, University of Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy


The goals of our study consist in investigating the relationships between the concentration of particulate matter and the meteorological variable. 24-h sampling of PM10 particulate matter has been carried out during June November 2002 in the urban area of Cosenza. The composition data has shown that higher PM10 concentrations are influenced by meteorological condition, specially to temperature and relative humidity difference. This sampling includes temperature and relative humidity measurement to examine the seasonal variation in the particulate matter mass concentration. The mass concentrations of particulate matter showed a different seas ional concentrations, with higher values in autumn than in summer.


particulate matter; air pollution; PM10; meteorological parameters

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