The monitoring of aluminum concentration in water and fresh food in order to estimate the risks on human health

Irina Volf1, Brindusa Robu1, Oana Ciobanu2

1 Department of Environmental Engineering. Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, 71 A, Mangeron Blvd.,
2 Public Health Department in Transports Iasi


The purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of the data collected by monitoring aluminum concentration in different counties from North East Region of Romania. The monitoring of aluminum concentration in drinking and ground water was conducted over one year (2002), and this case study has been done in the frame of Transports, Constructions and Tourism Minister network, from North East region of Romania. In order to estimate the risk on human health, different samples were analyzed by the Spectrofotometry method, based on color reaction of Al3+ ion with R eryochromocianin reactive. The likely risks on human health that could arise from aluminum contamination are also described.


aluminum; contamination; environment; soil and groundwater pollution; human health risks

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