Ethanol production by bioengineering

Gabriela Soreanu, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Cynthia Gr goire, Bernard Marcos, Mich le Heitz

Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universit de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Qu bec, J1K 2R1, Canada


In this paper, the biological and engineering aspects of a bioproject related to the development of a process for production of bioethanol from biomass are presented. The particular process developed was that using potatoes as the raw material. The following stages were required for a complete, practical process of ethanol production: potato pretreatment for starch extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis of the starch to obtain sugars, fermentation of sugars to obtain ethanol, concentration of ethanol by distillation and adsorption. Different operating parameters were tested (enzyme, substrate and nutrient concentrations, temperature, reaction time, etc.) and the corresponding results are presented. Starch hydrolysis was performed with a-amylase and Amyloglucosidase enzymes. Fermentation of starch sugars to ethanol was performed by Saccharomyces bayanus yeast. By simple, fractional distillation and by molecular sieve adsorption methods, the ethanol concentration was raised to 99% (w/w).


environment; ethanol; biotechnology; valorization; waste; fermentation; enzymatic hydrolysis

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