New technology of pollutants removal by application of an electric field under the flame

Cleopatra Botez1, Tudor Sajin2, Aureliu Leca3, Alexandru Craciun4

1 TRANSELECTRICA S.A., National Power Grid Company, Bacau Power Transmission Branch, 41 Oituz str., 600266 Bacau, Romania,
2 University of Bacau, Faculty of Engineering, 157 Calea Marasesti str., 600115 Bacau, Romania,
3 University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, UNESCO Department of Energy and Environment, 313 Splaiul Independentei str., 79590 Bucharest, Romania,
4 State University of Moldova, Scientific Center of Applied and Ecological Chemistry, 60 Mateevici str, MD2009 Chishinau, Republic of Moldova


An apparatus, consisting of a Seitan 20 gas burner with a fuel flow rate 20 m3N/h, supplied with a system of Kanthal electrodes and an adjustable source of a high voltage, was investigated on the experimental bench of Bucharest Metallurgic Research Institute, ROMANIA. It was found that an increase of voltage up to 12 kV, and current up to 32 A, respectively, results in the evident improvement of the burning process: increasing of flame temperature from 1100 up to 1190 oC, decreasing of CO percentage from 1.2 up to 0.012 %, reducing of the fuel consumption about 5%. Annual savings resulted from the using of such apparatus is around 292 USD.


flame; enhancement and control of burning process; gas burner; electrodes; electric field; economical and ecological efficiency

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