The disposal of used ion exchange resins viky dicu1*, carmen iesan2, mihai chirica1, satish bapat2

1Purolite S.A, Sales Office Bucharest, RO-721121 Bucharest, Romania 2Purolite S.A, RO 505700 Victoria, ,


According to Romanian regulations the used ion exchange resins are classified as hazardous waste, without taking in consideration the application for which they have been used. Considering this approach of the used ion exchange resins, the purpose of this paper is to clarify aspects such as: their treatment to became non-hazardous waste (depending on applications); their use in different applications as ion exchange; their incorporation in agricultural lands. The used ion exchangers from water treatment plants (softening and demineralization) have to not be classified as hazardous waste if the pH is in neutral range.


ion exchange; disposal; waste; hazardous

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