Driving forces of weee management: a pest analysis of romania

Nadia Ciocoiu, Daniela H ncu, Catalin Dobrea, Valentina T rtiu, Stefan Burcea

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, 6 Piata Romana, District No. 1, Bucharest, Romania


Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE, e-waste) represent the category of municipal waste with the fastest growth rate of the quantities generated particularly in developed countries. In Romania the WEEE management concerns have emerged recently and the amount of information and data available is limited and sometimes irrelevant. In this case, studying the forces that influence WEEE management system directly or indirectly is useful for both the national and international stakeholders. In this context, the paper aims to identify and analyze what are the socio-economic, political and technological determinants that influence consumer behaviour of EEE (electrical and electronic equipments) and WEEE management. The research makes use of various types of qualitative and quantitative data collected from different sources such as publications, reports, national and international statistics, surveys. This paper reveals that future developments are not inevitable; indeed, the direction in which many of the drivers identified here will act is very uncertain. The framework developed represents a valuable starting point for future analysis and can help actors of the WEEE system face these uncertainties.


consumer; PEST analysis; Romania; WEEE

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