A clean procedure on the chemical leaching of uranium ores in the presence of oxidizing agents

Marian Raileanu1, Rodica Calmoi1, Catinca Simion1, Elena Rogojina2, Alexandru Cecal1, Karin Popa1

1 Al. I. Cuza University, 11 Carol I Bd., 700506 Iasi, Romania,
2 Ovidius University, 124 Mamaia Bd., 900527, Constanta, Romania


The purpose of this paper was to study the oxidation of uranium species coming from some Romanian uranium ores at U(VI), in the presence of the following oxidizing agents: KMnO4/H2SO4, H2O2 and HCl+HNO3. There was ascertained that the highest capacity of leaching is shown by KMnO4/H2SO4 that achieved values of almost 100% after about 7 days. This fact was explained through the chemical and mineralogical composition of the studied ores.


cleaner production; chemical leaching; nuclear technology; uranium ores

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