Environmental aspects of wet end chemistry in papermaking process

Nadezhda Ivanova, , Sijka Bencheva

University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy Sofia, Department of Pulp, Paper and Polygraphy, Bld. Kl. Ohridsky 8, BG1756 Sofia, Bulgaria


The term Wet End Chemistry in paper technology is being used for presenting the combination of chemical additives contained in paper furnish during sheet forming and dewatering. In spite of their relatively low portion in paper contents, it turns out that the Wet-End-Chemical additives are functionally as well as technologically absolutely necessary. They also have their special merit for the modern paper technology being ecological. But that is why it is necessary relying on progressive methods in paper production, those that keep up with the high requirements for ecological purity. The studies are carried out for determining the behaviour of modified polyacrylamide from the Percol range of Ciba Specialty Chemicals in different paper furnishes. The positive influence of the examined cationic polyacrylamide on the clarity of the white waters is based on the molecular weight and the load of the polymer s charge as well as the chemical composition and the morphologic structure of the fibers.


chemicals additives; paper furnish; dewatering; white water; polyacrylamide

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