Risk management for ammonia tank failure

Daniel-Catalin Felegeanu, Valentin Nedeff, Radu Cristian, Mircea Horube

Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, 157 Calea Marasesti, RO-600115, Bacau, Romania


The rapid technical and economic development in the last few years has brought significant advantages to the human society, but it has also generated very serious threats, such as: pollution, technological accidents, and some other forms of environmental degradation. Human actions, either intentional or accidental, imposed by the economic and social development, have had, in some cases, a major impact on the environment, turning into potential hazards and causing environmental damage. This paper presents the results of the investigations of the ammonia tank failure that occurred at SC SOFERT SA, Bacau, Romania in 2011, while the tank was receiving a complete overhaul. The results of our study have revealed that the tank breakdown was caused by technical failure.


ammonia tank; cryogenic insulation; failure; loading; sonic boom

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