Potential environmental impacts of geo-materials exploitation in the city of kinshasa, democratic republic of congo

Holenu Holy Mangenda1, Kakese C. Kunyima1, Valentin Nedeff2, Doina Capsa2, Daniel-Catalin Felegeanu2, Claudia Tomozei2

1 University of Kinshasa, Faculty of Science, B.P. 190 Kinxi Dr., Democratic Republic of Congo
2 "Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacau, Calea Marasesti, 157 Bacau, 600115, Rom nia


The supply of building materials in the city of Kinshasa is one of the major challenges for sustainable development and especially at this time when the authorities are committed to rebuild the country and to rehabilitate the basic infrastructure, mobilization and knowledge of these materials appears to be of paramount importance. In this context, the Kinshasa morphology will change day by day because of the operations of construction materials extraction, to meet the needs of the population, regardless of consequences on the environment. This operation can be done with minor environmental impact if are applied some study and the principle of sustainable development. This study presents the environmental problems associated with the exploitation of geo-materials in the city of Kinshasa. These problems generate negative impact for the environment and on the alteration of the quality of Kinshasa population health and life in general.


geo materials; quarries; potential environmental impact

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