Research on the production of forage for the agro -touristic farms in romania by cultivating perennial leguminous plants

Aurel Calina, Jenica Calina

University of Craiova, Faculty of Agriculture, 19 Libertatii Str., 200421 Craiova, Romania


The paper is the result of research conducted for approximately 20 years in the agro tourism field and also rural tourism, as well as in natural and cultivated pastures, at the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture, University of Craiova. Based on these studies it was concluded that the research in this field has been less realistic so far, because it was strictly oriented towards obtaining high forage production, but of questionable quality due to high content of residual chemicals. Currently, in tourism activities and other specific areas of food production, the demand for natural products (bio or eco) has greatly increased to ensure a quality taste and high security and traceability. To assist the forage manufacturers and workers in tourism activity we considered appropriate and necessary to study this particularly valuable forage, to which by applying minimal chemical treatments, high yields with a very low degree of chemical residues will be obtained, with a high nutritional quality and traceability, while a cuisine with higher value taste and food safety can be obtained.


agri-tourism; food safety; protein feed; traceability

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