System dynamics for urban traffic jam management in beijing

Haoxiong Yang1,2, Wen Wang1, Bin Wei1

1 Beijing Technology and Business University, Business School, Beijing 100048, China
2 Collaborative Innovation Centre for State-owned Assets Administration, Beijing 100037, China


The supply and demand contradiction of urban transport in China is increasingly prominent. And the urban traffic jam becomes more and more serious. It affects the normal urban residents, causes aggravating environmental pollution, and influences the normal operation of the urban logistics seriously. It becomes the restrictive factors of urban economic and social development. Accordingly, the paper analyzes the current situation of traffic jams, the reasons, and summarized existing countermeasures to solve the problem of traffic congestion. On this basis, combining with the actual situation of our country and using system dynamics method to establish the model of urban traffic congestion. And it takes Beijing as an example to find out the suitable countermeasures and suggestions to solve the urban traffic congestion.


residents trip; system dynamics; urban logistics; urban traffic jam

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