Optimization of a gas chromatographic method for acrylamide analysis applications for risk management

Anca Irina Burlacu1, Rodica Cuciureanu1, Patricia Fitterman2, Michel Larroque3

1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa Iasi, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Environmental and Alimentary Chemistry, Str. Universitatii, Nr. 16, 700115, Iasi, Romania
2 S.C. Fiterman Pharma S.R.L., Sos. Pacurari, Nr. 127, 700544, Iasi, Romania
3 University Montpellier 1, Faculty of Pharmacy, 15 avenue Charles Flahault, BP 14491, 34093 Montpellier Cedex 5, France


The paper proposes a simple and less expensive gas chromatographic method for analyzing acrylamide in food and reveals comparative results regarding the acrylamide content in commercial and home toasted bread. Validation of the method has been achieved by establishing parameters linearity, limit of detection (LOD = 0.1 mg/L), limit of quantization (LOQ = 0.5 mg/L), precision, stability. Run-to-run precision was determined by carrying out five replicate determinations for three acrylamide standard solutions: 0.5 mg/L (RSD = 2.95 %), 1.0 mg/L (RSD = 1.05 %), and 5.0 mg/L (RSD = 0.84 %). The day-to-day precision was calculated by performing five replicate determinations in three different days: 0.5 mg/L (RSD = 2.54 %), 1.0 mg/L (RSD = 1.31 %), 5.0 mg/L (RSD = 1.16 %). The applicability of the method was demonstrated by analyzing different types of commercial and home toasted bread and by establishing the dependence of acrylamide levels on toasting time.


acrylamide; gas chromatography; toasted bread; toasting time

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