A clean method of uranium extraction decontamination

Marian Raileanu1, Nicolae Sulitanu2, Gheorghe Nemtoi3

1 Al.I.Cuza University, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Inorganic Chemistry,
2 Al.I.Cuza University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Solid State Physics,
3 Al.I.Cuza University, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Physical Chemistry, 11 Carol I Blvd., 700506, Iasi, Romania


The present work is focused on an electrochemical method of uranium extraction. The basic principle of the method is the electrolytic one. Using platinum electrodes it was generated a potential dependence of the uranium concentration on the redox potential. Knowing the potential, the time dependence of uranium extraction from UO2(NO3)*H2O salt and uranium ore solid suspension was studied with good results. Therefore, this method can be considered as clean and in consequence appropriate for uranium decontamination of some solid and/or liquid media. Moreover, the method can be used in extraction decontamination of sand (ore or spent fuel).


extraction; uranium; speciation; electrolysis

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