Environmental, social and economic dimension in the hotel industry and its relationship with consumer perception

Jose Mondejar Jimenez1, Claudia Sevilla-Sevilla2, Alejandro Garcia-Pozo3

1 University of Castilla-La Mancha, Faculty of Social Sciences, 44 Avda. de los Alfares, 16071 Cuenca, Spain
2 UNED, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 11 Paseo de la Senda del Rey, 28040 Madrid, Spain
3 University of M laga, Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, 6 El Ejido, 29071 M laga, Spain


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is implemented unevenly in the Spanish tourism industry. The country s hotel infrastructure is not an exception. Many researchers have focused on finding out to what extent the implementation of CSR is ideal from a hotel management perspective and what its effects and consequences are. To a lesser extent, this work has analyzed how and how much consumers rate socially responsible actions, particularly those associated with the environment, society and the economy. This work aims to analyse from a consumer perspective, the influences that certain environmental, economic and social actions have and if these have a bearing on purchase intention. A reflexive model is used to confirm hypotheses and the partial least squares technique is used, because it does not require the variable normality factor and it is suitable for research models whose objective is to predict the effects of some variables on others. The main conclusion of this study is to establish the effects of CSR on consumer perception, considering different factors of major importance. To be specific, intervention where the factors are concerned ought to enhance the perception of the social, economic and environmental dimensions. All the relationships found between the different factors stand out, except for social dimension (the one with lowest intensity), which is not only significant but also serves to definitively validate our model.


consumer; CSR; environment; hotels; marketing; tourism

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