Aarhus convention aims in energy management in serbia

Marina Nenkovic, Mila Pucar

Institute of architecture, urban and spatial planning of Serbia, Belgrade, Boulevard of King Alexander 73/II, Serbia and Montenegro


Implementation of the Aarhus Convention in 1998 institutionalized citizen participation in the usage of renewable energy sources (RES) and thus improving environmental protection and energy saving. Considering the fact that The Republic of Serbia hasn't yet ratified this convention, in this paper are define ways of approaching Serbian energy and planning legislation to the aims of Aarhus convention, and also to discuss the example of implementation procedures (for the implementation of RES) in urban and rural Serbian communities. We will also try to emphasize the key role of women in that process. This way, practical issues for the implementation of this convention in the Republic of Serbia are identified.


Aarhus Convention; public and women participation; Serbian laws

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