Evaluation of dump site reclamation techniques in western turkey coal mines

Tahir Mallh, Mete Kun, Baran Tufan

Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Mining Engineering, Tznaztepe Campus


The environment friendly development of mining applications progressed significantly due to the rapid increase in environmental awareness and requirement of available land. The reclamation studies of those lands, ruined during mining activities, should be evaluated and regained in the most effective and rational way. In recent years, especially in open pit coal mining, reclamation applications become crucial due to rapid spreading of mining companies on extensive lands. These applications were taken into account in feasibility studies and included in mining operations. The reclamation systematics of dump sites formed by stripping of open pit coal mines and depleted coal pits are investigated. In this study, the rehabilitation studies subsequent to mining activities are dealt technically and parameters affecting the success of these studies are determined.


dump sites; economic evaluation; open pit mining; reclamation; technical evaluation

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