Artificial aging examination of pvc fibers as vibrating strings

Denes Kocsis1, Gyorgy Deak2, Sandor Keki2, Gergely Dezso3, Robert Horvath3

1 Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the University of Debrecen,
2 -4 Otemeto Street, Debrecen, HU-4028, Hungary 2Department of Applied Chemistry of the University of Debrecen, 1 Egyetem Square, Debrecen, HU-4032, Hungary
3 Department of Production Engineering of the College of Ny regyh za, 31/b S st i Street, Ny regyh za, HU-4400, Hungary


Changes in material properties are examined in this work by vibration diagnostic techniques. In the article examinations of soft poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) fibers, which were tested as vibrating strings are presented after different UV light induced aging times. The developed experimental system is presented in this manuscript and the main goal is to determine material changes as the results of artificial aging by special vibration diagnostic methods. The damped oscillations, where PVC fibers are stretched and twanged as strings are analyzed in this work. Parameters are also determined and their values are given after different aging time and relevant property changes are identified. The general equation of damped oscillation is written in a modified form, and the change of the traditional damping coefficient proves to be significant and the angular acceleration introduced by us also well characterizes the property changes induced by artificial aging.


aging; degradation; material properties; polyvinyl chloride; vibration

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