Study on interface environment - food with change of paradigm towards health generating gastronomy

Romulus Gruia1, Elisaveta Tuluca2, Ioan Munteanu2

1 Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
2 Food Research Centre of SC MNA- Prodcom/Impex S.R.L. Bucuresti, Romania


The study performs an approach to the "environment - life quality -biotechnological molecular gastronomy" direction, an axis with consistent theoretic and practical potential in offering attractive and pleasant culinary products for the consumers, with the same effect on health as supplementary under pharmaceutics format. The paper proposes a change of paradigm, in order to develop certain excellence gastronomic preparations, based on incorporating functional and/or nutraceutic food, with hedonic characteristics and with the same health generating effect (or "sanogenesis" effect) through different bioactive substances, as an alternative for medicinal food, adapting ancient empiric ideas of the oriental food manner. In this paper there is underlined the fact that, through the new paradigm, culinary preparations effectively become innovative composite foods which, through their diversity, equilibrium and in relation to environmental factors, open new research directions, towards conceptual coherence and diversification of gastronomic products aiming to a multifunctional energetic, nutritional, psycho-sensitive efficaciousness, having also at the same time a punctual metabolic action of a prophylactic type.


composite food; functional food; health-generating gastronomy

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