Investigations on air quality in the historic wooden church in oradea city, romania

Dorina Camelia Ilies1, Aurelia Onet2, Florin Mihai Marcu3, Ovidiu Razvan Gaceu1, Adrian Timar2, Stefan Baias1, Alexandru Ilies1, Grigore Vasile Herman1, Monica Costea2, Marius Tepelea4, Ioana Josan1, Jan Wendt5

1 Faculty of Geography, Tourism and Sport, University of Oradea, 1st University Street, Oradea, 410087, Romania
2 Faculty of Environmental Protection, University of Oradea, 26th Gen. Magheru Street, Oradea, 410048, Romania
3 Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Oradea, 10th Pia.a 1 Decembrie Street, Oradea, 410068, Romania
4 Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Oradea, 1st University Street, Oradea, 410087, Romania
5 Faculty of Oceanography and Geography, University of Gdansk, 4 th Bazynskiego Street; 80-952 Gdansk, Poland


The present study describes the results of air quality analysis and surfaces inside the Orthodox Church in Oradea City, Romania, a wooden monument (BH-II-m-B-20958), originally built in the village Letca from Salaj County and displaced in 1991 to the campus of the University of Oradea. The paper focuses on the degree of microbial and fungal contamination of surfaces and air inside the wooden church. It also identifies various microbial species with potential risk on the health of parishioners and those in charge of maintaining the halidom.


carbon dioxide; microaeroflora; relative humidity; temperature; wooden church

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