Oxidation of azo dye carmoisine (e122) in aqueous solution by heterogeneous catalyst cuo/al2o3 system

Djedjiga Bousalah1,2, Ahmed R da Yeddou3, Messaoud Hachemi1, Abdelmalek Chergui3,4, Boubekeur Nadjemi3

1 Research Unit: Materials, Processes and Environment (URMPE), M Hamed Bougara University, Independence Avenue, 35000 Boumerdes, Algeria
2 Research Center scientific and technical in physico-chemical analyzes (CRAPC), PB 384, Industrial Zone Bou-Ismail RP 42004, Tipaza, Algeria
3 Laboratory of Study and Development of Techniques of Water Treatment and Environmental Management - L.E.D.T.E.G.E, Department of Chemistry, E.N.S Kouba, BP 92 Kouba 16308, Algiers, Algeria.
4 Laboratory Sciences and Techniques of Environment, Department of Environmental Engineering, National Polytechnic School, 10 Hassen Badi Avenue, BP 182, El-Harrach 16200, Algiers, Algeria.


Heterogeneous oxidation system for the removal of azo-food dye from aqueous solution was studied in the presence of CuO/Al2O3 catalyst. This catalyst was prepared by impregnation method using a cupric salt solution at pH=5, followed by calcination at 450 C. The result catalyst was characterized by X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Scanning Electron Microscopy-Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (SEM-EDX), where the results confirmed a high crystallinity, good chemical stability of the catalyst used in four consecutive cycles and the presence of the elements (Cu, O, Al) composing the catalyst. Several parameters affecting dye degradation such as: solution pH, H2O2 concentration, catalyst dose, and reaction temperature were investigated. CuO/Al2O3 catalyst offers higher activation efficiencies than the homogeneous Cu2+ ions, as well as good operational stability and efficiently generate HO. in neutral aqueous solutions. Complete decolorization (100 %) of Carmoisine (500 mg/L) was achieved in 240 min at neutral pH.


advanced oxidation processes; copper-impregnated activated alumina; food dye; heterogeneous catalysis; hydrogen peroxide; removal

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