Methodology based on fuzzy set theory when waste has similar chapter descriptions in the list of waste

Georgeta Madalina Arama

INCD-ECOIND Bucharest, 71-73 Drumul Podu Dambovitei, District 6, 060652, Bucharest, Romania


The aim of this paper is to propose a methodological approach (principle, theory, algorithm) to decide about the most appropriate waste code to be assigned to a waste, when similar descriptions can be given to it under more than one chapter of the harmonized list of waste, considering the total amount of available information (data, evidences and knowledge). Based on the extension principle of fuzzy set theory, the methodological approach is meant to help any waste evaluator of producer/holder organization to have a scientifically sound based decision about the best code to be assigned to the waste in those particular situations The correct waste classification is the basis for their further adequate management in order to prevent both consumption of non-renewable or hard renewable raw materials and the pollution risk for the environment and human health supporting this way the implementation of waste hierarchy principle for economic sustainability.


fuzzy; list of waste; management; waste

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