Analysis on the collection and recycling of plastic packaging of crop protection products in romania

Valentina Constanta Tudor1, Dragos Smedescu1, Ionela Mituko Vlad1, Eduard Alexandru Dumitru2, George Ungureanu3, Andy Felix Jitareanu1, Dragos Alexandru Robu3, Carmen Luiza Costuleanu3

1 University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Bucharest, 59 Marasti Blvd., Bucharest, Romania
2 Research Institute for Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, 61 Marasti Blvd., Bucharest, Romania
3 Ion Ionescu de la Brad Iasi University of Life Sciences, 3 Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, Iasi, Romania


The collection and recycling of plastics, in which crop protection products are stored, has become a priority both in the European Union and at the national level. Therefore, a whole series of projects have been initiated to collect packaging from farmers. This paper aims to analyze the quantities placed on the market by the plant protection industry, as well as the collection and recycling of packaging, meanwhile identifying a correlation between the quantities of pesticides used in Romania, the quantities placed on the market, and those collected. The quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis, the analysis of statistical indicators (mean and standard deviation), as well as the Pearson correlation coefficient was used. The results indicate a strong link between the number of pesticides used and the amount of packaging resulting from the use of plant protection products. Fluctuations in the amount of packaging collected are driven by the involvement of farmers in the process.


agriculture; collection; packaging; pesticides; plastics; recycling

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