Purchasing green products: factors influencing consumer behaviour in romania

Cristina-Andreea Nicolae, Mihai Ioan Rosca

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, 6 Romana Square, Bucharest, 010374, Romania


With the increased purchasing power of consumers and the constant depletion of natural resources, green products and services are no longer to be taken for granted. Sustainable consumer behavior is on the rise globally, yet there remains a dearth of knowledge about this phenomenon in Romania. Therefore, the primary objective of this paper is to investigate how Romanian consumers perceive and purchase environmentally friendly products. Specifically, the study delves into the precursors, obstacles, and motivating factors influencing the acquisition and utilization of green products. The research encompasses an online survey administered to a convenience sample of 686 respondents from Romania. Statistical analysis has revealed the presence of five key variables - namely, knowledge, attitude, social influence, price sensitivity, and availability -that wield a significant impact on citizens' engagement in sustainable purchasing behavior. The most robust correlation identified was between knowledge and the procurement of green products. Furthermore, the study has uncovered that Romanian consumers place greater emphasis on product attributes compared to environmental impact when making purchasing decisions. Nevertheless, several reasons for consumers' hesitance to embrace green products have been identified, with price and distribution standing out as the most prominent hindrances. From a socio-demographic perspective, the data analysis has depicted the typical buyer of organic products in Romania as a mature, well-educated male hailing from the upper middle class. Consequently, this study has failed to demonstrate that younger individuals exhibit a higher propensity to purchase ecological products or that women display greater concern for the environment. The insights proffered in this paper stand to benefit companies, researchers, and students interested in advancing the realm of sustainable marketing at the local level, with the ultimate aim of bolstering the market share of green products.


ecological consumer behavior; green products; sustainability

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