Sustainability strategies of the state fiscal service in the republic of moldova

Nicu Sargu

Doctoral School of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau, 59 Banulescu-Bodoni Street, MD-2005, Republic of Moldova E-mail:, Phone: +373 68132020


The Republic of Moldova is going through fiscal changes as it aligns with the European Union under the Association Agreement. Key issues include tax evasion, inadequate revenue collection, and structural problems in the tax system. The government is actively working to boost tax revenue collection through reforms. Effective solutions involve better communication with taxpayers and assessing their satisfaction with the services. This study aims to find strategies for enhancing the State Fiscal Service (SFS) in light of taxpayer satisfaction. The research includes customer surveys and behavior analysis to gauge satisfaction, using mathematical and relational models. The results offer service improvement strategies for legal entity taxpayers. Understanding the fiscal situation in Moldova is crucial for assessing the nation's economic progress, fiscal policies, and their impact on development. This study provides valuable insights for policymakers, economists, researchers, businesses, and the public, enabling them to analyze and formulate effective fiscal policies, identify challenges and opportunities, make informed decisions, and assess the impact of existing taxes.


fiscal administration; fiscal system; sustainability; taxpayer satisfaction

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