Organizational citizenship behavior for integrated management systems performance

Alexandra Simon

Business Department, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Faculty of Economics and Business, Building B Av. Eix Central, s/n, Campus UAB 08193 - Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vall s), Spain Email:; Phone: 935 81 12 09


This paper attempts to adopt the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) theory to understand how individual, voluntary quality, environmental and Organizational Health and Safety (OHS) actions of employees impact Integrated Management System (IMS) performance. The methodology involves an exploratory qualitative analysis based on interviews to IMS managers located in the North-East of Spain. The findings from the case study analysis discover several OCB related dimensions which are necessary to maintain and improve the IMS within organizations. Among them, values such as altruism, organizational loyalty, and self-development of non-mandatory IMS actions are highlighted. The paper contributes to both the fields of IMS and OCB by providing novel knowledge on how voluntary initiatives for the quality, the environment and OHS positively influence IMS practices, its internalization level, and its efficiency.


environmental management; integrated management system; ISO 9001; organizational citizenship behavior; quality management

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