Does corporate environmental responsibility enhance sustainable development? a perspective based on green innovation

Jian Sun

School of Economic and Management, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 100083, China Email:


This study investigates whether and how corporate environmental responsibility (CER) enhances manufacturing enterprise sustainability in China, incorporating green innovation mechanisms. Employing a panel of 237 Chinese listed firms over 20152021, we find CER participation significantly improves enterprise sustainability. This positive effect is further amplified by strengthening environmental regulations. We also demonstrate CER s influence is transmitted via stimulating green technology innovations. Additionally, our analysis reveals heterogeneity in CER s effectiveness across large versus small, state-owned versus private, and eastern versus central/western enterprises. As China balances economic targets with ecological goals amid industrial transformation stresses, these findings underline that embedding environmental stewardship within business decisions can catalyze win-win sustainable outcomes. However, contextual and structural differences modulate CER impacts, necessitating policy solutions tailored to localized, firm-level conditions.


corporate environmental responsibility; corporate sustainability; green innovation; manufacturing industry

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