Preliminary sizing and optimization of a micro solar power plant by a parametric sensitivity study

Antoine Mathieu1, Michel Feidt2, Pierre Rochelle3,4, Lavinia Grosu3, David Gualino1, Benoit Grappe1

1 Schneider Electric Industries, Technology and Innovation, 37 quai P-L Merlin, 38050 Grenoble, France
2 LEMTA, Universit Henri Poincar Nancy 1, 2 av. For t de Haye, 54516 Vandoeuvre-l s-Nancy, France
3 LEME, Universit Paris Ouest Nanterre La D fense, 50 rue de S vres, 92410 Ville d Avray, France
4 Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, Universit Paris 6, 2 pl. gare de ceinture, 78210 Saint Cyr l Ecole, France


This paper presents the pre-sizing of the thermal storage and the solar receiver area of a thermodynamic micro power station. Linking efficiency formulas of the different components, inspired from the literature, leads up to model the whole plant in a single way, and in the same time relevant losses parameters render certain physical realities. The study is developed in two steps: the first one is a pre-sizing of the plant within chosen solar receiving and storage temperature ranges, in order to spot potential optimal sizing, the second step is a parametric sensitivity study of the represented losses factor for a possible optimum temperature levels. The obtained results allows to define technical specifications as a starting point for different industrial and university partners, each working on the design of specific elements.


off-grid solar energy; optimization; Stirling engine; thermal storage

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