How companies integrate environmental issues into their marketing strategies

Juan Carlos G zquez-Abad1, Jos -Felipe Jim nez-Guerrero1, Juan-Antonio Mond jar-Jim nez2, Mar a Cordente-Rodr guez2

1 University of Almer a, Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Management, La Ca ada de San Urbano, 04120 Almer a, Spain
2 University of Castilla-La Mancha, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Business, 44 Alfares Avda., 16071 Cuenca, Spain


An increased level of environmental awareness by consumers has caused marketing to pay special attention to the deteriorating environment. This is a consequence of markets punishing those companies that fail to consider environmental concerns in their marketing efforts. However, how environmental proactivity is integrated into marketing strategy has been scarcely analyzed in the marketing literature. The present paper aims to fill this gap in the literature by theoretically analyzing the ways in which companies integrate environmental concerns into their marketing strategies. This theoretical analysis is complemented by an empirical investigation into 75 agrofood companies in Spain. We find that long-term marketing instruments should be given priority when companies integrate environmental issues into their marketing strategies.


green marketing; ecological and environmental marketing; sustainable company

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